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About Online Tool to Change Text to Binary

The ascii text to binary conversion at SmallSEOToolsAtoZ is the best way to have your English words turned into digits in binary format (binary numbers between 0 and 1) who computers can understand. When translated, the writing turns into a long list of numbers because each letter has a unique 8-bits code (one byte). For example, one bit 01000001 stands for one letter A in binary.


Converting a text file to a binary file can save you time and effort

Use an online letter-to-binary conversion tool when you need a quick, reliable way to figure out what the ASCII text's binary number alternative will be. This is less difficult and may be done quickly.

By changing English text to binary, you can send a message that any random person won't be able to read. ASCII text is meant to be used in electronic devices because it is an accepted convention for character-sets.

Our text converter is easy to use and lets you change letters for binary for no charge and without having to deal with extra details or directions. It's an online tool that doesn't need to be installed or set up in a certain way prior to it is able to used. All you have to do is give your text, and it will be turned into binary code in a few seconds.

How to Use the Text for Binary Tool

  • Start by going to, which is the website for our tool.
  • Type your text in the space provided or share a file with your text.


Text To Binary


  • Click "Convert to Text"


Text to Binary Result


  • All done! The binary form of your text is shown right away. 
  • You may utilize our ASCII for binary translator to turn an ASCII number into binary code.

Our tool is a text-to-binary code creator, which means that words are turned into binary codes correctly and without any mistakes. If you did this by hand, you might make mistakes that would change how the code works in the end. So, the best thing to do would be to use a reliable and effective tool to change text files to binary files. Just like you might need a binary text decoder to figure out what the English text is that is hidden within the code, our tool may accomplish the opposite and turn plain text into binary code. You may attempt this by turning the letters in your name into binary numbers. But you don't have to send only one-word texts. You can also copy and paste a long string of English words and change a whole text file for binary format. Use our Text for Binary Converter to get your work done quickly and correctly.


Why Do We Use Text to Binary Converter?

In computer coding, binary code is used for expressing text or directions that a system needs to understand. You need to talk to the electronic device in a language it can understand, which is usually done by giving it binary code from a Text translation. You might need an English text for a binary equivalent for a lot of different reasons. Binary code was used for a long time, and computers often use it. When you want to turn text to a sequence of 0 and 1 binary numbers, you need a letter-to-number conversion that works well.


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