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How does the Copy Paste Plagiarism Checker work?


How do I use to check for plagiarism?

The best way to do it, with an easy-to-use interface.

It's the most accurate with percentages, and it's free and works with all of your devices, so you can use it whenever you need to.


Here are the next steps:

Just copy paste plagiarism checker for checking your words into the setool box.

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Click the "Check for Plagiarism" box.


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As soon as you send your request (click a button) to be processed, the results will show up on the screen.


Plagiarism Checker Report


If the tool finds similar matches (content), it will show the results as a percentage.

  • Percentage% of Unique content
  • Percentage of copied work

The appropriate text with a score for how similar it is to other texts and the source it comes from.

(A tip: "If plagiarism is found, there is an excellent choice (button) for rendering it distinctive using the best Paraphrasing tool.")

If none of the matches have been found, the word "100%" will be written.

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You can find a maximum of 30,000 words at a time with Smallseotoolsatoz. It looks for duplicate content by using worldwide searching methods as well as AI-based technology to look deeper into the content. 

Check for Plagiarism in Depth

This tool does a deep check for plagiarism by matching every phrase in a 1000-word piece to hundreds of millions of web pages upon the Internet. So, a plagiarized word or text could not get past the most effective free plagiarism checker.

Accurate Results

Our free plagiarism checker doesn't do any magic tricks. It gives exact results, including the percentages of copied and original text. It additionally never tries to trick you by telling you that duplicate content is special when it isn't.

Privacy is assured

We care about our users' without worrying about your privacy because we delete any text you put to the database shortly as the check is done.

After you check for plagiarism, you can "Rewrite Plagiarized Content" from this site. This takes you to a free article rewriter, where you can make your content unique. This is an extra function you can use with this free advanced plagiarism checker. Repeat the procedure until you get you're unique material.


Get Reports and Share Them

hit on the "Try New Document" checking new content for free for copying.
Plagiarism can be found quickly and effectively.

Our 100% free copy checker is made to find even the smallest amount of duplicate content. It also gives you a list for similar pieces of information so that you can take action right away. Our plagiarism checker is very easy to set up and has features that you almost never see in paid tools that do the same thing. You don't have to sign up or log in to find copying.



This checker program your text for plagiarism in depth and gives you a long list of results.

Once the plagiarism check is done, the tool will show your text with the original and copied parts highlighted. Text that is colored green is original, while text that is colored red is copied.


Complete Score for Plagiarism

Our plagiarism tool does more than just highlight your text; it also gives you an exact score for how much of it is already out there. How much of your writing is original and how much is copied? The plagiarism checker will show you how much of the content is original and how much is copied from other sources.

Look at the Document and Sentence check 1

This free plagiarism checker lets users see the results in two ways: by sentence or by document. In the sentence-by-sentence mode, each of your text's. The document view, on the other hand, shows all of the text and highlights the original and copied paragraphs or sentences.


Linked up sources

Our tool for detecting theft will not only find duplicate text, but it will also show you where it came from. You may utilize these sites for citations or to initiate action against people who have copied your work if you believe they have.



Want to see all of these things for yourself?

  • This premium online tool is easy to comprehend, reliable, and gives results that are incredibly exact. It helps check for copying in educational assignments, blog posts, ebooks, news articles, term papers, landing page happy, website page content.
  • The Plagiarism Checker works quickly and was made by a team of highly skilled developers who work for us. For every 1,000 words you search, you can get answers in just as 0.83 seconds.
  • We don't save your information on our system because we care about your privacy. Once the tool does a free check for plagiarism on your content, it quickly eliminates it from our system.

Go to the page about the Plagiarism Checker to find out more about it and how to use it.


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Internet Business Owners and Operators

The ultimate goal of website proprietors is to distribute original material. Using this website's plagiarism checker will help them avoid mistakes in their work. In order to determine if duplicates exist, our program does a thorough analysis of the text and compares it to the relevant directory.


Educators and Professors

Keeping up with students' assignments and conducting thorough plagiarism checks can be a full-time job in and of itself for professors and teachers. Rather than spending hours manually checking a single copy, educators may take benefit of a tool for checking for plagiarism that delivers thorough results in just a couple of seconds.


Freelance Article Authors

A professional content writer will struggle without the ability to produce original work. Competition for content writing work is fierce among freelancers. Utilizing our copyright checker can help you maintain your credibility as a freelancer. Considering the fact that it aids in making sure your material isn't plagiarized.



A small slip of duplication can sink an author's career, and it's not easy to become a famous writer. The copyright checker is useful since it can alert you to even accidental instances of plagiarism, which can then be avoided. Be sure to check for plagiarism before releasing any of your writing to the public.



Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic world, thus all students should use a plagiarism detector that is free for students to ensure that their work is original before turning it in. This will aid pupils in giving credit to the original authors of any materials they use in their work.



In order to succeed as a blogger, one needs to generate unique content and ideas. Even if you're confident that your work is original and free of problems in language and spelling, it's a good idea to run it through a plagiarism checker to make sure no one else has stolen your words. Use an expert grammar check to make sure your text is error-free as well.


Journalists and Reporters

Reporters and journalists, if they want to keep their audiences and careers going strong, need to create new and interesting material. Publishing under a pseudonym can be detrimental to your career. Therefore, the ideal solution to this problem is to use a similarity checker. This free resource can help you monitor the originality of your work on a regular basis.



The repercussions of plagiarism vary according to the specifics of each case. The following complications can arise as a result of copying and pasting.


SEO was harmed

A website's search engine optimization (SEO) can be greatly improved with the addition of high-quality, original content. Plagiarism in the uploaded content, however, might have a detrimental effect on search engine optimization. In addition, if Google penalizes one page, it will penalize the entire site. Use a search term rank checker to see where a certain website stands in relation to its target keywords.


Career Damage

If a content writer gets caught plagiarizing, it could be difficult to obtain new work. Your years of experience may ever working again.


Drop in Website Visitation

Visitors will quit coming back to your site if the content on the pages doesn't offer anything new for them to read. People today appreciate learning something new through the written word. The public may initially be interested in your site, but their routine of similarity will prevail. Use a reliable plagiarism checker to avoid this problem.


Legal Repercussions

The legal ramifications of duplication depend on the kind and extent of the copied material. If the content's original creator files a lawsuit against you, you may be required to pay monetary damages.



The effects of plagiarism on your brand's image in the marketplace can be devastating. People will think you're not competent because you're trying to pass off someone else's work as your own.

A student's academic career might be derailed by violations of copyright and assignment confidentiality. Using a plagiarism checker is a preventative measure students can use to avoid plagiarizing their own work. To cheat on an academic assignment is to engage in academic dishonesty. There are schools that will merely issue a warning, while others will expel the student entirely.


Using a Plagiarism Checker: Why Do It?

You're writing an essay when you write a sentence that seems somewhat familiar. Did you come across it in your reading on this subject? Is it still considered plagiarism if you did? You can see, now that you've pointed it out, that you also stole a few additional lines. You didn't write down a reference since you didn't intend to save it. However, they are now a vital component of your paper. Is it still considered plagiarism if just a few sentences are taken?

Whether or not you intend to, when you use someone else's words without giving them proper credit, you are committing plagiarism. Even a single phrase of accidental plagiarism might have devastating effects. Plagiarism is a serious offense that may result in serious consequences for pupils. Thankfully, there is a device that can assist with this. To be sure that you have correctly detected and credited any parts of your content that are not original, use the online plagiarism checker provided by SmallSeoToolsAtoZ.

Although we created our free online plagiarism checker with students in mind, any writer may benefit from using it to avoid plagiarizing their work.

How Does the Plagiarism Checker Function in SmallSeoToolsAtoZ?

There are approximately 16 billion documents and online pages in ProQuest's databases that our online plagiarism detector will compare your work against. A plagiarism warning will be generated if any portion of your material is found to be identical to another piece of writing or a database entry.

SmallSeoToolsAtoZ is a free online plagiarism check that provides an immediate report detailing the presence or absence of plagiarism as well as grammatical and stylistic errors in the submitted work. The Premium version of SmallSeoToolsAtoZ's plagiarism checker highlights sentences and gives source information, generates an originality score for your work, and provides comprehensive comments and corrections for your writing in a number of areas.

Your anonymity will be protected while you write. Your paper will not be added to any public or private database by using our plagiarism detector. Your content will be checked by just one plagiarism detection service.


Comparison of Automatic and Human Plagiarism Checking


Advantages of a Plagiarism Detector


  • It's efficient; plagiarism checkers can compare a significant quantity of material to a number of different databases and scholarly publications. It is far more efficient than manual checking in spotting possible instances of plagiarism.
  • Second, they are more precise than manual checks because they use complex algorithms to find instances of plagiarism that humans would overlook. They are capable of identifying not just outright plagiarism but also paraphrased or rewritten text.
  • Third, a full report may be generated by the plagiarism detection software showing all of the places the material was identified and an in-depth analysis of the similarities observed. This may aid in determining the scope of plagiarism and guiding further measures.
  • Consistency Plagiarism detection programs use the same criteria on all texts, thus the results are reliable and objective. They remove the possibility of mistakes or prejudice introduced by human inspection.


Pros of Hand-Checking:


  • In order to determine whether or not any similarities are genuine or signal plagiarism, human reviewers have the advantage of understanding the context and subtleties of the text. They may take into account things like citation style, the text's intended function, and the author's intentions.
  • Reviewers may interpret the author's aim by hand checking to see whether they've used relevant and correctly acknowledged outside sources. It may aid in differentiating between unintentional and deliberate instances of academic dishonesty.
  • Thirdly, human reviewers may modify their evaluation standards to meet the needs and norms of a given setting. The demands of the target audience or the requirements of the discipline, which may be missed by plagiarism software, might be taken into consideration.
  • Manual grading also provides a window of opportunity for instructive comments and mentoring. Reviewers have the opportunity to provide constructive criticism to authors in the form of suggestions for how they may improve their work.
  • It's important to remember that combining automated tools' efficiency and accuracy with human reviewers' contextual awareness and interpretive talents may bring the best of both worlds in the fight against plagiarism.


Anti-plagiarism software vs. hand-checking's drawbacks

Disadvantages of Plagiarism Checkers:


  • One, it is possible for plagiarism detection technologies to incorrectly identify certain texts as plagiarized while in fact they are not. It's possible, for instance, that commonly used words or material that is correctly sourced may be detected as similarities.
  • Another issue with plagiarism detection software is that it might provide false-negative results if the text has been significantly paraphrased or reworded. There is a possibility that copied information will go unnoticed if the program fails to identify more subtle kinds of copying.
  • Thirdly, methods for detecting plagiarism can only use the internet databases and publications to which they have access. The program may not be able to identify plagiarism from a specific source if it does not have access to that source or if that source is not included in its database.
  • Inability to Evaluate Originality Plagiarism detectors may find similarities in texts, but they cannot tell whether the content is original or not. Human judgment and familiarity with the subject matter are usually required for originality evaluation.

Problems with Hand-Checking:


  • Time-Consuming: When working with a big amount of text, manual checking may be a lengthy procedure. In order to provide fair assessments, reviewers must read each submission many times, check possible references, and consider the overall context. When time is of the essence, this may not be feasible.
  • The reviewer's subjective interpretation, prejudices, and knowledge of the material are all factors in manual inspection. Reviewers may disagree on whether or to what degree plagiarism occurred, leading to disagreement in evaluations.
  • Manual checking is limited in its ability to detect plagiarism since it depends on the expertise and resources of the reviewer. Reviewers may find it difficult to check for similarities across a wide range of web resources, especially if the plagiarized work is well concealed.
  • Fourth, reviewers' fallibility means they could miss instances of plagiarism or incorrectly assess the degree to which two writings are identical. They might make errors in their evaluations or fail to spot specific types of plagiarism, leading to false conclusions.
  • Avoiding these drawbacks requires a more thorough and precise evaluation of suspected plagiarism, which may be achieved via a mix of plagiarism detection software and human inspection.

Other's Plagiarism Dector Tools In Market:


There are a number of plagiarism checkers available that may be used to locate copied text. Some of the most well-known ones are:

One of the greatest popular plagiarism checkers is Turnitin 1. It checks supplied documents against a massive library of books, articles, and websites for any matches and similarities.

Although it is best recognized as a writing and grammar enhancement tool, Grammarly also includes a plagiarism detector. Your content is analyzed, and a report detailing every instance of plagiarism or resemblance to other sources is generated.

Third, use Copyscape, a service created to detect instances of plagiarism online. It lets you input a URL and upload a file, and then searches the web for anything that resembles or matches the uploaded file or the entered URL.

Plagiarism checker software Plagscan is utilized by students, professionals, and corporations alike. It creates a comprehensive report on plagiarism after comparing papers to a vast database.

To check for plagiarism, all you have to do is copy and paste some text or submit a document to DupliChecker, a free online application. Any similarities between your material and that of other sources are highlighted for you.

It is recommended to utilize numerous programs to cross-check findings and assure accuracy, since they all use different algorithms and databases. It's important to keep in mind that although plagiarism checkers might be useful, the ultimate decision ought to be determined by a person who can consider the whole picture.



How well does our program look for plagiarism?

Our plagiarism detector ranks as one of the more accurate and trusted tools you can find on the internet. Because it uses AI, it can find more than just exact matches. It can also find words that are similar but not the same.


Want To avoid plagiarism?

You may prevent plagiarism by rewriting the lines in your work that are the same. You can also give credit to the source of the information or put the line in quotes. But you may accomplish this after you use an online plagiarism tool to find off which elements of your work are copied.


Which tool do colleges use to check for plagiarism?

Different schools use different tools to check for copying. A few of them use Turnitin, and others may employ Copyscape.


Who uses the Copy Paste Plagiarism Checker from SmallSEOTools?

People who write love to use the plagiarism tool on SmallSEOToolsAtoZ to make sure that what they write is 100% original. Students use this tool to identify sources that match the text so that they can give proper credit in their homework and helps them find plagiarism in student work and quickly figure out which projects have more than the allowed amount of plagiarism.


Is It safe my content at SmallSEOToolsAtoZ?

Yes! Plagiarism checker free makes sure that the content of its users is always up so that they don't keep any of the text or files done, the user's text is automatically removed from the free plagiarism checker's computers plagiarism checker will never keep your information or give it to third parties.


Why you use a free tool for plagiarism check?

People don't have enough time to find and get rid of copying on their own because they have a lot to do and are involved in the plagiarism checker to find duplicate content without having to waste time shows you the results right away.


Are free plagiarism checker help student's for thesis?

Pupils can use the free anti-plagiarism tools to find out how much of their thesis is copied from find sites that have been used before.


How teachers simply find that this thesis is copied?

With this free thesis plagiarism tool, teachers simply check and find out of student work. This software makes it easy for teachers to check if students have plagiarized in their theses and quickly find out if they haven't done too much.


How can I check if my work is plagiarized in 2023

Plagiarism may be avoided and academic honesty maintained with the use of several methods, including but not limited to: online plagiarism checkers; academic databases; citation analysis; peer review; and self-reflection. These programs examine your writing in relation to an enormous library of previously published material and flag any similarities they find. In addition, use keywords from your article to look for similar published publications. Make sure you're using the right citation format, get feedback from respected colleagues, and do a thorough evaluation to catch any mistakes in your paraphrase or synthesis. Academic sanctions, reputational harm, and legal concerns are all possible outcomes of plagiarism.


How to find the sources used is been copied?

The best way to find plagiarism tools for citing sources is to use the free tools. The results of this software's plagiarism test make it easy to find the copied sources from which your text comes.