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How to Use Our No Cost Grammar Checker?

In order to provide error-free content to readers, a grammar check is an essential tool for each writer. You won't be able to get across the message you want to send in your essay if you ignore basic grammar rules.

Find grammatical mistakes in your writing with the help of our free grammar checker. Here are the simple instructions for using the grammar checker:

  1. Either drag and drop the text files from your computer into the box or copy and paste this text into the field.
  2. Specify the language and regional variant upon which the submitted text is based.


Free Grammar Checker


3. Enter the Google Captcha (such as, for safety reasons).

4. Select the button labeled "Check Text"


Free Grammar Checker


5. The tool will show you where you made mistakes in spelling and grammar and recommend ways to strengthen your writing.

English Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Checker

The time and energy spent on correcting spelling and grammar errors is frustrating and wasteful. Smallseotoolsatoz created an AI system with the support of English language professionals that verifies grammar mistakes as a professional grammar checker, meaning you no longer need to spend hours proofreading your text.

Smallseotoolsatoz's punctuation and grammar checker is similar to a grammar scanner in that it searches for grammatical faults. In addition to correcting spelling and punctuation, it may also evaluate the overall quality of a phrase.

Because it checks for and fixes grammar issues with a single click, you may skip the editing phase and go straight to posting your finished work online.

Just what do we have to offer? Our grammar checker has several useful features.

This Smallseotoolsatoz punctuation and grammar checker was created to quickly and accurately fix grammatical errors in text. This useful resource highlights instances of incorrect language and punctuation and offers suggestions for how the text could be improved.

It's a free, high-quality grammar checker with all the bells and whistles a writer might want for proofreading their work before submitting it. The following are some of the amazing benefits its customers can enjoy:

Predictive utterances

After scanning the text, our free punctuation and grammar checker and corrector will automatically propose improvements. These recommendations are spot-on, so you can immediately correct the problems.

Simple, one-button editing

It's the best online grammar checker, letting authors fix their mistakes with a single mouse click. Manually fixing mistakes is a hassle. By selecting the tool's suggested correction, you can instantly eliminate any grammatical mistakes.

Cost nothing

Everyone can use it at no expense whatsoever. This expert tool has a basic grammar check sans login or registration feature, so there's no need to join up for a premium account to utilize it. You won't have to pay anything to use it.

Nothing restrained

Checking the grammar of your piece of writing or blog post is possible with any number of words. This excellent grammar checker app may scan as few as 1000 words or as many as 5000 words.

Allows for a variety of document types

You may use it to verify the grammar of any file you upload, making it the ultimate essay checker. Formats accepted for checking and correction include Word (DOC/DOCX), Text (TXT), and Portable Document Format (PDF).

Featured text

It emphasizes blunders and mistakes to make them more obvious. It corrects your grammar and offers suggestions. Remember what we said about

  1. Red flags misspelled words.
  2. Incorrect use of grammar, syntax, or punctuation will be highlighted in yellow.

Validates grammar in a number of different tongues

This free online grammar and spelling checker may be used in a variety of languages. You can use it to double-check your writing in a dozen or more tongues.


Free Grammar Checker


You can use it to check your grammar not only in English, but also in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, French, Japanese, Russian, German, Polish, and Danish. You may even customize the English pronunciation.

Auto-detection of Language

Yes. Automatically, it identifies the text's language. You're free to pick any language you like from the options provided. Because the language for the essay that pasted in the space provided will be determined mechanically by this program.

Use This Grammar Checker to Make Sure Your Paper Is Perfect

To get your point across clearly and efficiently in writing, you need to use proper grammar. Mistakes in grammar not only lower the readability of your writing but also undermine your authority as a writer. That's why it's so important to run your writing through a grammar checker to make sure it's clear and error-free.

What about copying, though? Plagiarism can undermine your credibility as a writer and perhaps have legal repercussions. That's why you should run your writing via the free plagiarism detector provided by SmallSEOTools AtoZ. If you use a plagiarism checker in addition to a grammar checker, then may rest assured that your work is not only error-free but also original.

Consequences of Proofreading by Hand

You can proofread articles without using a grammar-checking free online application, but doing so comes with a number of limitations. It will take a long time to do this task, for starters. It takes a considerable amount of effort to read through large articles and spot grammar issues on your own. Another drawback of manual proofreading is the high likelihood that errors would be overlooked. No amount of careful proofreading can guarantee a paper is error-free. For this reason, a grammar checker can be found online and relied upon. Using a free online grammar checker is the best bet if you don't want to waste time manually searching for and fixing mistakes.

How Is Sentence Correction So Important in the Classroom?

Assignments, theses, and reports all play crucial roles in the academic process and must be submitted. Plagiarism and poor sentence construction are never tolerated in the classroom because they stifle student imagination. In addition, a student's final grade in a topic can be negatively impacted by content with minor flaws. Therefore, it is imperative that students devote their whole attention to grammatical correction and check for errors to achieve a passing grade. We hope that you will find our sentence analyzer useful in improving the grammar and clarity of your work.

The target audience for this grammar checker

Anyone can use this spell and grammar checker to ensure their writing is error-free. Potential users include:

Business Organizations

Businesses need to make certain that the information they provide about their goods and services is clear and convincing. Customers and vendors are more likely to do business with a company they know will communicate with them effectively.

The success of many organizations can be attributed to the use of written documents such as emails, memoranda, and written agreements. Correct spelling and grammar in written materials improves readability and comprehension for everyone involved.

In the instance of an online store, many potential buyers will think twice before making a purchase if they notice language or spelling mistakes in the text.

Thus, businesses can use this method to leave a lasting impression, which should lead to increased sales.


Before the invention of grammar checkers, teachers spent a great deal of time manually reviewing each and every paper. Now, educators can use this resource to speedily grade student work and grade test papers.

The free grading scale provided by this grammatical check makes it simple for instructors to assign ratings.


It's no joke to be a freelance writer. Freelancers have an extra responsibility to ensure the highest quality work for their clients. The company sends the wrong message to its clients if its employees make careless grammatical errors.

SEO/Blogger Authors

Bloggers & SEO writers need to consistently produce engaging fresh material. A blogger's good name is always on the line.

If you want more individuals to read your blog, you need to create quality content every day. They risk losing readers if they can't even get the basics of grammar right. Writers specializing in search engine optimization might use this guide as a resource while crafting articles.

When it comes to search engine optimization, Rankmgr emphasizes the need of proper language by saying,

Grammar is taken into account by search engines. By using proper grammar, you make it easier for search engines to comprehend your text and understand what it's about. Your content will rise in the rankings for the appropriate keywords.


When students produce impeccable grammar tasks, they are more likely to receive high marks from their professors.

In most classrooms, teachers place a premium on students' verbal abilities. Utilizing this English corrector for a learning tool will help students excel and gain knowledge at the same time.

Both in real life and online, the ability to communicate effectively is crucial. Low academic performance is an indicator of skill deficits, which bodes ill for a student's future career prospects.

World of academia environment, students can improve their marks by submitting flawless and error-free grammar assignments.


Webmasters are obligated to make frequent, pressing updates. If you've just created a headline or some other piece of text and have to upload it right away, run it through a grammar check service first. You can avoid public humiliation by using the tool to correct any formatting mistakes.


Copywriters are expected to provide error-free language while crafting marketing and advertising campaigns. They can check for typos in the copywriting and fix them with an online correction of grammar tool. 

Grammar checker Smallseotoolsatoz has multiple applications.

  • A study aid for the Academic Writing section of the IELTS
  • Prepare for the IELTS writing exam with the help of the Smallseotoolsatoz grammar checker. By highlighting grammar errors, it allows you to improve your writing skills.
  • You know you won't be satisfied with an IELTS score of 6.5, right? To make this a reality, you should immediately begin utilizing our grammar checker.
  • One that verifies written work

Intent on checking for run-on sentences?

Both teachers and students can benefit from using this tool because it checks more than just grammar and spelling. Both students and teachers can use checkers to ensure that writings are free of spelling, capitalization, grammatical, and punctuation errors.

A tool to verify homework

Before turning in their work to teachers, students must run it via this tool. This will allow you to double check your work before turning it in.

Verifier of Reports

Worried about turning in that report you just wrote? There's no reason to diminish your self-assurance any further at this point. The software can check documents for grammatical errors.

Using a Thesis Checker

Are you engaged in doctoral-level study? Putting up the time and effort to write and edit hundreds of pages on your own must be exhausting. Check your English using this article checker. If you take advantage of this thesis grammar checker, you won't have to worry about correcting your grammar mistakes.



Online Grammar Check: How Does It Work?

You can use SmallSEOTools AtoZ, a free online tool for checking grammar, by opening it in your web browser, pasting the text you want to verify, and clicking the button provided.

Can I run a spell and grammar check simultaneously?

Why, yes! In a matter of seconds, our cost-free online grammar checker will analyze your work and mark any grammatical or spelling errors.

How about a free alternative to Grammarly for checking written work?

SmallSEOTools is the greatest free alternative to Grammarly's premium service. You are welcome to use this free online tool for checking sentence structure on as many text files as you like.

How Can I Tell If a Sentence Is Right or Wrong?

Copy and paste the text into our comprehensive grammar checker to see whether it contains any grammatical errors. If you copy and paste "We were going to London" into our facility, for example, it will flag "was" as an error and propose changing it to "were," resulting in "we were going to London." This can be an excellent grammar checker English instrument for text repair.

Is there an offline mode for this?

No! To use this online grammar checker for free, you will need access to the internet on your device. It's a web app which can only be utilized on the internet.

Does the Uploaded Text Stay in the Tool?

Your uploaded text and files are not stored by this grammar checker. After the uploaded information has been checked for grammar errors, it is deleted from its databases automatically.

How do I use this grammar checker to improve my writing?

You can use this tool to examine your writing for grammatical problems. It finds errors based on context and gives you precise advice on how to fix them, making it an excellent tool for improving the quality of your writing.

Can Students Use This Free Online Grammar Checker to Proofread Their Papers?

Yes! Students can use this free online grammar correction tool as an essay checker to ensure their written assignments are error-free.

Where Can I Find a Free Online Grammar Editor and How Do I Use It?

Simply copy and paste the text you want to verify and then click the check grammar button on our top grammar checker free tool.

Where can I get this supposedly free grammar checker?

This online grammar checker is available without the need for special hardware or additional software installation. Having a reliable internet connection is all that's required to use this utility.

Where Can I Go to Edit My Paragraph for Grammatical Errors?

Copy and paste the text into the provided box, then click the button to run the grammar check.

Can It Point Out Specific Grammatical Errors?

All types of grammatical faults, such as those involving punctuation, structure of sentences, grammar blunders, and comma usage, are easily identified and highlighted by our free online English grammar checker. 

Where Can I Go to Edit My Grammar?

Correct any grammatical errors in your writing with our online English grammar checker. If you upload an article that has errors, you may employ this tool to eliminate them.

When Should I Use an English Grammar Checker?

You may submit any text to have it checked for grammatical errors in English. You may quickly and easily verify your written English by pasting in a sentence, paragraph, essay, or blog post and clicking "check grammar."

Where can I go to have my punctuation and grammar checked for free?

With the assistance of our free grammar corrector, you can easily fix grammatical and punctuation mistakes in your written work. No matter how often you use this tool to check for and fix grammar mistakes, you won't be charged a dime.

When writing in English, what exactly is a run-on sentence?

A run-on sentence error is one that occurs when a writer fails to properly punctuate a series of connected thoughts. A run-on sentence occurs, for instance, when a comma is used to complete a statement, followed immediately by the beginning of another sentence.

Where Can I Go to Fix My Grammatical Errors?

Our grammar checker is available for you to use at no cost to ensure that your written work is error-free. This web-based tool thoroughly checks your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and highlights them for you to fix.

Can I use this to fix comma errors?

Yes! To fix comma splices in your writing, utilize this article checker. Using our comma checker, you can see exactly where in your text a comma has to be added or removed.